IP and IPv6 networks under ASN 63157 are operated by NewFX Labs, Inc.

Existing Customers:
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Network Operations:

Abuse Department:
This Acceptable Use Policy applies

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Public Peering Policy

We have a generally open peering policy.

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BGP Communities

The following BGP communities have special meaning for AS63157


63157:100 Internal Route
63157:200 Customer Route
63157:300 Peer Route
63157:400 Transit Route
63157:510 Originated in LA1
63157:520 Originated in LA2


63157:666 Backbone Discard (null-route / blackhole)
63157:730 Do not propagate to peers
63157:740 Do not propagate to transits
63157:777 Do not propagate to ASNs specified as 65000:XXXXX
65000:XXXXX Do not propagate to ASXXXXX (in conjunction with 63157:777)